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Why sunscreen?


We can start by saying that Korean sunscreens are simply some of the best on the market. It is simply due to innovation, ingredients used and the process of creating and developing sunscreen products compared to Korea. In Korea, sunscreen is constantly improving and evolving, with new formulations being developed and researched. It is precisely because of this that Korean beauty and skin care products have been leading the industry for decades already, with sunscreen of course being no exception. Korean sunscreen products are superior to Western products, thanks to their skin care properties and advanced ingredients. Skin care brands from Korea have long combined skin care with sun protection, which gives the products nourishing, soothing and moisturizing properties.

Throughout Asia, the concept of daily sunscreen use has been around for generations. Daily use of sunscreen is part of the skin care routine and has been for many generations already. That's because it's considered part of the skin care routine to prevent sun damage and not an extra measure when you're going outside to avoid getting sunburned. In other words, this can be called the most important step in your skin care routine, regardless of how much time you spend outdoors during the day. Using sunscreen daily will help keep your skin young and healthy.


When shopping for a K-Beauty sunscreen, there are a few specific things you should always look for, in addition to choosing the sunscreen that best suits your skin type. Here are the things you should consider when choosing a product:

Texture: When it comes to sun protection, product texture has an incredible say. It can make you love using the product every day or make you hate it. The key to this is deciding what kind of finish you want on your skin. Remember that it is important to use enough sunscreen, so solving the problem by using less is not a solution. If you don't like a sticky finish, look for one with a smooth formula. It can be anything from a gel, a chemical formula or a physical combination.

Ingredients: This is also an incredibly important part of choosing a Korean sunscreen and is one of the things that makes them different from other sunscreen products. Many Korean sunscreen products contain a complex blend of ingredients designed to improve your skin. In addition, you will find ingredients that work to protect your skin from UV rays.


SPF is the most widely recognized factor worldwide when it comes to measuring the ability of sunscreen. This number shows how well the cream or product will protect your skin from UV rays. As for Korean products, they will usually have an SPF of 50 or higher. However, they will also include a PA factor in addition to the SPF factor, which will show how much UVA protection you have, as these are the rays that cause your skin to age. Here you should choose products with a PA factor of +++ or ++++, which is the highest available.


When you live in a country like Sweden, where the strength of the sun may not be felt as much all year round as in warmer and more exotic parts, it's easy to skip the sunscreen. You may feel like you're saving both time and money by skipping this important step, but if you do, you'll be making a huge mistake that you'll most likely regret later.

By using a high-quality K-beauty sunscreen, you will be able to see the benefits it has on your skin almost immediately, as it will not only protect it from UV and UVA rays, but also improve the overall condition of your skin. Those who almost religiously use sunscreen daily from a young age will be able to enjoy the results in the future, when their skin looks more youthful and radiant than their peers. As with all skin care, prevention is much better than cure.

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