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COSRX is a K-beauty brand that has won several awards both in Korea and worldwide. That is why we are so proud to be able to offer you this particular brand. The company focuses on helping individuals find solutions that fit their personal skin care needs. The company was founded in 2013 by Jun Sang Hun and operates under the motto "Expecting Tomorrow." The name of the company is simply a combination of "Cosmetics" (COS) and "Prescriptions" (RX), which together became COSRX. The company's philosophy is that simple ingredients result in great formulas.

COSRX fans love their products thanks to effective ingredients such as snail slime, fermented yeast and skin-friendly exfoliation. It is therefore not surprising that celebrities such as Kim Soo-Hyun, Emily Ratajowski and Alexa Chung use COSRX products in their skin care routine. The brand has also received attention in media such as New York Magazine, Allure, InStyle and Harper's Bazaar and has close to 350,000 followers on its Instagram account.

Founder Jun Sang Hun brought with him his experience of having problems with sensitive skin since he was young and always finding it difficult to find suitable products on the market. Thus, COSRX was created, and the very first products were created to treat acne and pimples. Not long after, the company began expanding within Korea as an affordable option for skin care products.

What does COSRX focus on?

  • Affordable and effective products
  • A wide range of skin care products adapted to all skin types or skin problems
  • Special focus on AHA and BHA products
  • Develops products that provide quick results
  • Contains high proportions of natural and botanical ingredients
  • Products that are not tested on animals

Some important ingredients in COSRX skin care

One of the things that sets COSRX apart is that they don't use a single key ingredient in their range of skin care products. Instead, COSRX skin care products use a range of different ingredients, each with different benefits. One of their well-known products is COSRX Pimple Patches, which are hydrocolloid patches, an ingredient that helps heal pimples and acne faster by absorbing impurities and oils from the problem area while adding moisture.

Another popular product from COSRX is their Snail Essence, which contains a whopping 96% snail slime which is the main ingredient here. The benefits of snail slime come from three main components, which are glycolic acid, hyaluronic acid and allantoin. Together, these snail slimes provide all the properties it is known for, such as healing the skin, preventing signs of aging and helping with both acne, rosacea, scarring and skin irritation after shaving.

We can also mention the COSRX BHA Blackhead Power Liquid which contains salix alba extract as its key ingredient. Salix alba, or white willow in Swedish, has medicinal and skin care benefits because it is rich in salicin. Salicylic acid (BHA) has become a recurring ingredient in skin care and is made from salicin. This is an ingredient that has amazing anti-inflammatory properties and has been shown to reduce pores and wrinkles, while evening out your skin tone and giving you firmer skin.

The power of botanical ingredients and the latest in research.

Above we have mentioned a number of different key ingredients that COSRX has used in one or more of their products. What is clearly a consistent rule for these products is that they contain natural ingredients. In addition to COSRX focusing on using effective ingredients, it is also important that they are natural. The company uses powerful, natural botanical ingredients in their purest form. COSRX products are therefore filled with the finest natural and active ingredients such as ginseng, aloe vera, snail slime, fermented yeast and various natural plant oil extracts. All of these ingredients have been proven to help achieve clearer, healthier skin with a natural glow.

All COSRX products have a background of many years of research on skin and different skin types. This is a brand that takes a scientific approach to skin care and invests time and money in ongoing dermatological research. That's why you'll always be able to discover and try new products from COSRX, as their range is continually expanding with new formulas and the very latest in skin care.