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We have a lot to thank Korean skincare for, from double cleansing to the phrase "glass skin," not to mention all the wonderful products that keep popping up in stores. What makes these products so wonderful, however, are the ingredients they contain, and new ingredients also appear here that really impress time after time. One ingredient that may seem surprising to many is rice. This simple ingredient, which is as popular to eat as it is to use in skin care in both Korea and Japan, has been used for centuries in the vast majority of Asian countries. This ingredient has long been considered a secret beauty ingredient that has the ability to give you healthy and glowing skin. However, it is not until recently that rice has started to appear in Western skin care,

Women in both Japan, Korea and China have embraced this simple yet magical ingredient for both skin care and hair care. One of the clearest examples of this is the Japanese women of the "Heian" period, who were known for their long, healthy hair. Later it was discovered that these ladies used rice water in their daily hair care routine to achieve strong and healthy hair. Another good example is the Yao women from the village of Huangluo in China, where they still use rice water for both skin and hair. On average, the hair of these ladies is over 180cm long and according to research, cleaning your hair with rice water will reduce friction, improve elasticity and produce healthier and stronger hair. When it comes to the use of rice water in skin care, it has also been popular as an anti-aging elixir as it helps brighten the skin and give it a glow.


Rice has long been an incredibly large and important part of Korean beauty care, thanks to its brightening and anti-inflammatory properties. This is an ingredient that has been used for generations, making it a staple in many traditional Korean skin care products. Products containing rice or rice water are known to smooth out rough skin texture, help improve skin firmness and will also minimize the size of pores and give you a brighter skin tone with a new glow. With a high content of vitamins B, C and E in addition to water-soluble minerals such as inositol and ferulic acid in rice, it will help repair damaged skin.

The soothing and cleansing properties of rice can effectively help with skin irritations caused by "sodium laurel sulfate" or "SLS", an ingredient found in a variety of skin care products. Studies have shown that using rice water twice a day can help skin that has been dried out and damaged by SLS. Rice also contains antioxidants that help fight the effects of free radicals and daily environmental stresses and pollutants that are harmful to your skin. It is because of these properties that products containing rice are known as a good anti-aging treatment. When you also consider that this is an inexpensive ingredient that's also easy to come by, it's not hard to see why it's been used in Asian skin care products for centuries.


  • Type of ingredient: Anti-aging
  • Main benefits: Skin brightening, antibacterial, anti-aging, repairing, moisturizing
  • How often can it be used?: Products with rice as the main ingredient can in most cases be used daily.
  • Who should use it: Those with pigmentation, sun damage and age spots, those who need a vitamin boost and those who want something antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. Perfect if you have dry and stressed skin or have problems with acne and blemishes.


As already mentioned, rice has a number of different good properties, which explains the popularity of this ingredient and why it has been used for many centuries already. Skin care products that contain rice, rice water, or fermented rice come in a variety of varieties and will have a variety of benefits.

1. Lighter skin: The enzymes found in rice and rice water have a lightening effect on the skin, which has made it a key ingredient in both Japanese and Korean skin care routines. It has the ability to fade dark spots, scars and brighten your skin tone for an even skin tone and smoother texture.

2. Strengthens the skin barrier: Studies have shown that rice starch can have positive effects in repairing and maintaining the natural barrier of your skin. This will be helpful in preparing your skin to fight free radicals and prevent problems like dermatitis and protect against pollution.

3. Anti-aging: Rice is rich in antioxidants and has been shown to have the ability to prevent the effect of elastase, a component that will damage the elastin in your skin and lead to early signs of aging.

4. Soothing: Products containing rice or rice water as one of its ingredients can have a cooling and healing effect on mild sun damage, redness, sunburned skin, inflammation and itching.