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If there's one skincare product everyone's talking about at the moment, it's definitely pimple patches. Pimples, pimple patches and acne patches - dear child has many names. Whatever you call them, there's one question we're all wondering: Does it really work that well? When these products first appeared, they quickly became popular, even celebrities like Hailey Bieber have shared selfies with these patches. There are now pimple patches from many different skin care brands and they are more popular than ever.

Patches are basically disposable patches filled with active ingredients that are said to calm inflammation. With the help of these ingredients, the patches can reduce the duration of a pimple and even prevent it from becoming even more irritated. The reason they continue to be so popular is simply because they work, and they work fast! Acne patches are just one example of how innovative Korean skin care can be and can be the savior in a pinch before a night out or before the holiday you've been looking forward to for months. Right now we have a wide range of pimple patches, including three different types from the well-known K-Beauty brand COSRX.


Although many may think that this is some kind of miracle product, it is far from a coincidence that pimple patches work as well as they do. An ingredient common in most pimple patches is "hydrocolloid". This is an ingredient often used in medical bandages and has the same function in pimple patches. Hydrocolloid simply has the function of drying out and absorbing excess fluid, preventing moisture and bacteria from penetrating the skin. Pimple patches work best on superficial pimples but can also help with pimples that are deeper in the skin.


In our online store, you will find three different varieties of pimple patches from COSRX , a brand that has been successful in the K-beauty world. These three products basically have the same ingredients, but you can choose from different sizes, designs and looks. Choose what suits you best.

COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch - here you have the original product that provides intensive treatment during the night or day. You get 24 plastics in three different sizes: 7 mm, 10 mm and 12 mm. You can even use them under makeup and don't have to worry about them falling off during exercise or showering.

COSRX Clear Fit Master Patch - this version has thinner patches than the original. Because they are so thin, they are less visible and work well if you want to use them under makeup or during the day without being noticeable. Here you get 18 plastics in the size 10 mm.

COSRX AC Collection Acne Patch – this is the latest pimple patch product from COSRX and is best for those with larger acne breakouts or more pimples in one area. You get 26 plastics in the sizes 13 mm, 16 mm and 23 mm. These are suitable for larger areas such as the back, chest or jaw.

Other pimple patches are Pyunkang yul ACNE Spot Patch Super Thin , ultra-thin patches that are placed over pimples and inflamed blackheads. Inflammation is reduced and visibility is reduced. These are almost invisible pimple patches that work well under makeup and reduce the risk of poking the exposed skin areas.

HOW DO YOU USE Pimple Patches?

Above we have only mentioned a selection of the fin patches that are available. The market has become huge and more and more skin care brands are producing their own. However, COSRX is a well-known brand with long experience that always delivers high-quality skin care. That's why their pimple patch is a safe choice for those of you who want to try this trend and is one of the most requested brands in terms of pimple patch today, with over 11,600 reviews on Amazon.

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