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What is Essence?

If you are new to K-Beauty, it may feel a little overwhelming to read about all these different steps you have to go through in your skin care routine and not least about all the products to use. Maybe you're already familiar with Korean skin care, although you might not have even been aware of it. If you've used a sheet mask, products with snail extract or tried the popular pimple patches, it all comes from Korea. One of the products you are guaranteed to have read about and also an essential product in your skin care routine is essence. This is a product that should be used after toner and before serum, but what many people still wonder about, what exactly is essence? And not least, what do they actually do for the skin?

A wise man once said "moisture is the essence of wetness, and wetness is the essence of beauty", this wise man was none other than Derek Zoolander, the character played by Ben Stiller in the 2001 Zoolander movie. It turns out that this movie replica definitely wasn't stupid and it couldn't have been better, especially when it comes to Korean skincare. Essence is a concentrated treatment with a consistency that is usually somewhere between water and serum. In addition, essence is often the centerpiece of the popular 7-step skin care routine.

Some skin care experts choose to describe essence as the key to great potential. It may well be that you already use a good moisturizer and even a serum in your skin care routine, but have yet to see the results you may have been looking for. This is where essence can help you by improving how your skin absorbs and handles other products. By using this product, you can achieve optimal results together with creams and other moisturizing products you apply to the skin. In addition, the essence itself helps to keep the skin hydrated.

An essence is also a product that can really be helpful in treating any skin problems. Maybe the goal of your skin care routine is to reduce irritation or to get rid of dry patches. Whatever the goal, a good essence will help you achieve those goals faster. This is because the essence contains impressively high doses of active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, glycerin, fermented rice and small doses of exfoliating acids that prepare the skin for the next step in the skin care routine.

When choosing a new essence, just like when choosing a new eye cream, facial oil or toner, the same question always prevails - which one is right for your skin? So how do you manage to choose which essence is right for you, your skin type and your skin care needs? With us you will find a wide range of different essences to choose from, and in the product descriptions we will always try to guide you as simply as possible by describing the properties of each product, listing ingredients and giving a good introduction to the essence so you know the effect it has. Here is a selection of essences you will find with us:

Mixsoon Bean Essence 50ml

Mary & May Vegan Blackberry Complex Cream Essence 140ml

Isntree Hyaluronic Acid Water Essence 50ml

Pyunkang yul Essence Toner 200ml

Once you start Korean skincare, you'll probably never go back to a 2- or 3-step skincare routine. But in what order should essence actually be used? It's very easy to remember because you can consider the essence as a central part or intermediate step in your skin care routine. Namely, you should use it between the steps where you clean the skin and before you start moisturizing. In other words, it should be applied after you've used toner on your skin, but before serums and moisturizers. A good essence will help you reach deeper into the skin layers after you've exfoliated and used toner.

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